Our vision

Server hosting with a "human face"

No Robot Hosting – You call and we answer!

Constant drive to push prices down for services led to automation of services delivery and with that we lost human interaction and chance to learn. And sometimes you have this small question or issue and really need some advice.

On other hand, if you just launched your start-up, you can't predict how many resources it may demand in near future. Naturally, you want to have your service provide to be as flexible r as possible, to be sure that it provides all necessary resources at lowest price, with the best quality and by skilled staff.

HostingHub.eu wants to bring back Human-to-Human IT. You ask – we answer!

Individual approach to the client is our motto. Hostinghub.eu staff is ready to listen to each specific client’s request and find the most appropriate solution.

The wrong server-hosting solution can seriously impact your business. We will keep servers up and running, maintaining high uptime. We will help you protect your IT from security breaches, help to back up data. Upon client’s request access to the server will be protected by external firewall or limited to VPN only. DDOS protection is provided by default.

We will help you to integrate your new servers, hosted by us, with your existing infrastructure and consult on organizing remote print and other nice-to-have features.

Yes, we do fresh offer with limited capacity (temporary) and we are not the implementation-fastest on the market as individual approach to every client takes time.

Hostinghub.eu is a great solution for small teams and independent developers who need highly-accessible servers for developing, testing and deploying their applications but who don’t fit into infrastructure of Amazon-like large providers. It is going to be much easier to communicate with “alive” support of a small company to get a fully-satisfying service.

For large projects, Hostinghub.eu has all the necessary technical potential and highly-qualified support to serve big clients and highload-projects.For large projects Hostinghub.eu has all the necessary technical potential and highly-qualified support to serve big clients and high-load-projects.

Let’s bring back Human to Human back to IT.

About HostingHub

Hostinghub.eu is a cutting edge data-center and hosting service provider, located in a picturesque forest 15 kilometers away from Vilnius, Lithuania. Hostinghub.eu offers traditional services of renting dedicated servers, virtual dedicated servers and servers colocation in the up-to-date robust data-center.

Hostinghub.eu offers server hosting oriented to exclusive requests of each private client combined with the latest technologies and compatible prices. This offer differs from the industry giants, which force the client to adapt their servers to their rigid ecosystem and surprise its customers with prices for additional services.