Refund policy

Customer may terminate Hostinghub services at any given moment and get refund. To get refund Customer should request termination and refund in writing, fax or email, registered in Customer’s profile.

The following conditions apply to the refund:

  • - Customer will be charged with minimum amount of one monthly fee which is not refundable;
  • - Amount for refund will be calculated on the basis of number of days left on Customer’s subscription;
  • - Request for refund will be processed during 5 business days since reception;
  • - By sending the request Customer gives to Hostinghub service unilateral right to deactivate any active services on its subscription. Hostinghub is not responsible for any direct or indirect losses, included, but not limited to loss of profit, related to the Customer’s service deactivation. Customer’s service shall be deactivated after processing of termination request will be completed;
  • - Customer shall be refunded for amount of days left on the subscription since deactivation of services.
  • - Refund shall be completed during 30 calendar days since termination request was processed.
  • - Refund does not apply to discounts, provided for long subscription terms (starting from 6 months);
  • - Refund does not apply to any third party services, provisioned to the Customer;
  • - Refund does not apply to Software licenses fees;
  • - Refund does not apply to provisioning of IP addresses;
  • - Refund is made in Euro currency;
  • - Customer shall bear any additional expenses related to wire transfers outside of EU.

Hostinghub will not refund in case of suspension/termination of services due to violation of use.

Hostinghub may request private Customers to provide PhotoID to release refund.