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This Contract is made between BK Software UAB, company code 300040389, with registered office at M. Pocobuto g. 23, Liepiskes, Vilnius reg., Lithuania (hereinafter referred to as the "HostingHub") and the Customer, duly registered himself online at website and agreed to the terms of this Contract by providing its consent to HostingHub by activating “Agree” checkbox and submitting online order form at


1.1. The HostingHub undertakes to provide the Client with hosting and other related services (hereinafter - the Service(s)), and the Client undertakes to use the Services under the Terms and conditions published online at .

1.2. Services descriptions, terms and conditions and prices are available at the online store website

1.3. Services are provided according to the order placed by the Customer which comprises of: online forms data submitted by the Customer at, services ordered via online forms, chosen term of Service(s) and other relevant information submitted online.


2.1. The HostingHub undertakes:

2.1.1. To provide the Service(s) specified by the Order to the Customer;

2.1.2. To start the provision of the Service after payment according to the order submitted by the Customer and inform the Customer thereof by sending email to the electronic address indicated by the Customer.

2.1.3. To inform the Customer about requests, upon their receipt from the law enforcement authorities of the Republic of Lithuania, officials or other persons entitled under the law to demand disclosure of information, prior to provisioning of such information, if that is legal and possible.

2.2. The Customer undertakes:

2.2.1. Provide the correct identification information. The HostingHub has the right, in some cases, to require the Customer to submit documents confirming the authenticity of the information provided;

2.2.2. To comply with the Terms of Service ( ), under which the Client becomes aware of and agrees to conclude this Contract and/or is using the Services of the HostingHub;

2.2.3. In case of changes in the Customer's contact information or details inform the HostingHub about such change within 5 calendar days or connect to self-service and update identifying information online;

2.2.4. Immediately inform the HostingHub by, e-mail or telephone about disruptions of the Service;

2.2.5. To pay for the provided Service(s) according to the terms, specified in Chapter 3 of this Contract;


3.1. The registration fee (if any), as well as the subscription fee for the first period of the Services provision, shall be paid by the Customer in advance in accordance with the list of Service(s) selected in the Order. If the Customer fails to pay the due amount during 14 (fourteen) calendar days, the Order shall expire.

3.2. An invoice for the Services shall be issued by the HostingHub within 10 (ten) calendar days after the Customer pays the amount specified in the advance payment for the account and sent to the e-mail specified by the Customer during registration.

3.3. All payments are considered as made from at the day when money is credited to the HostingHub's bank account.


4.1. In the event of force majeure circumstances, HostingHub has the right to extend the terms for the delivery of the services under this Contract.

4.2. Parties have an economic interest in the Iraq National Satellite Communication System Project

4.3. “Event of force majeure circumstances” is considered if it does not depend on intentional (fault) of the Parties, can’t be foreseen and prevented by the Parties in advance, or which could not or cannot be overcome by the Parties with the help of a work plan or other means, among them such as (included, but not limited to): war or military actions, natural disasters, strikes, prohibitive or restrictive decisions of public authorities, including embargoes, any prohibitions or restrictions on exports.

4.4. The Party in respect of which the Event of Force Majeure has come shall promptly, not later than 5 (five) days after the occurrence of such event, notify the other Party in writing about the event that is an Event of Force Majeure. Such notification shall:
(a) Contain a description of the circumstances associated with the Event of Force Majeure;
(b) Describe the level of impact to compliance with the provisions and terms of the Contract;
(c) Prove that the affected Party did not cause or contribute to the Event of Force Majeure;
(d) Contain detailed description of the work plan to overcome the obstacles, alternative sources or other means that the affected Party intends to use to minimize delays in the execution of works;
(e) Propose in accordance with the Contract the appropriate adjustment of the terms of service delivery, taking into account the Event of Force Majeure. The affected Party must notify the other Party in writing of the termination of the Force Majeure Event within 15 (fifteen) days after its termination.

4.5. In case any of the Parties disputes the Event of Force Majeure, then such Party must inform affected Party within 15 (fifteen) days after the receipt of the written notification about the occurrence of Event of Force Majeure. If the Parties fail to resolve disagreements within 15 (fifteen) days from the receipt by the affected Party of a written notice from the other Party, then the dispute shall be resolved in accordance with the conditions of Contract.


5.1. Personal data of the Customer is governed by HostingHub Privacy Policy published at .


6.1. The Customer has the right to use the Services during period specified in the Order. The Order will renew automatically for the same period as an initial term in case if Customer paid relevant sum in advance prior to expiry of initial term.

6.2. The Contract enters into force from the date of its conclusion and is valid until the end of the provision of the Services.

6.3. Each party has the right to terminate the Contract in writing or by electronic means, giving 30 (thirty) calendar days’ advance notice to the other party. Refunds are executed according to the policy, published at


7.1. All issues not regulated by this Contract shall be resolved in accordance with the law of the Republic of Lithuania.

7.2. All amendments and additions to this Contract are an integral part of this Contract.


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