Our benefits

Absolutely new data center, built on a special project. Located in the heart of Europe, in a beautiful age-old forest near Vilnius.

Key features for your exclusive requests

We are safe

Your servers are in a safe place, in a legally predictable country where are the best internet connectivity in Europe. Your data never be in abstract "cloud", where a large number of people can reach them, like could be in a huge corporations, "leads of market".

We are private and meet your personal requests

We are small private company, we always personally negotiate with our customers and you always know who and how works with your data. We work to save you from problems with IT, not to make new ones.

Just say how can we help you

You are an office system administrator? We help you to be familiar with datacenter infrastructure and organize your work like you prefer.

You are a fast growing web developer and have no time/money to find professional DevOPS? We have high skilled DevOPS and network admins, whos services may be cheaper and faster for small development teams.

Datacenter 24/7 control at Hostinghub.eu