Reasons for switching to VDS or VPS

When and why you should switch your project to VDS

Flexibility of settings and full control over the configuration of services

The owner of a virtual dedicated server (VDS / VPS) has full administrative access to the system (root access) - configuration files of any services running on the VDS are available to him. On VDS, you can customize the operation of the web server, dns server, mail server exactly as you need.

It does not requires for you to be Unix guru to take advantage of this. Most of the key server settings are available from server control panel - ISPmanager Lite, which is installed on request.

No restrictions on the number of sites, databases, mailboxes, memory for scripts

On a virtual dedicated server (VDS / VPS), as opposed to the regular shared virtual hosting, you can create as many sites, domain zones, databases, ssh and ftp users, mailboxes? As you want. You are limited only by physical resources (disk, processor, memory), and not by the virtual restrictions that virtual hosting provider likes to impose.

You can even create “test” sites and databases to test the new script or technology. Experiment without jeopardizing the actual working site.

The ability to install your own software and configure it

On VDS, you can install any software that you need: additional services, libraries, modules for Perl, scripts. Any software that runs on the selected operating system will work on your VDS.

Buying VDS, you do not become hostage to the tastes and preferences of your hosting provider - you use the software that you need.

Starting non-standard services (IRC server, VPN)

On the VDS / VPS server you have full control over all services and processes, you can run any new services or, on the contrary, disable unnecessary to save system resources.

For example, many of our clients run IRC servers on their virtual machines while disabling web, dns, mysql, and mail servers — they simply don’t need them. Thus, with the help of simple changes, they “squeeze” the maximum performance out of the VDS precisely for the tasks that they need.

Own Name Servers

Our clients can use both standard name servers of the provider and their own. You can set up your own name servers through the control panel, or by your own. To do this, simply install the DNS server software (for example, BIND) and create a configuration file on the model. Watch setup guide for popular operating systems.

Security: VDS server is 100% isolated from other clients

Each virtual dedicated server (VDS / VPS) is completely isolated from other VDS located on the same physical server. There is no way to access the VDS files and processes of another virtual server. Virtual Dedicated Servers are securely isolated from each other, which favorably distinguishes this type of hosting from regular shared virtual hosting.

Guaranteed resources

On a virtual (shared) hosting, a situation may arise when one resource-demanding client uses a significant portion of server resources, thereby slowing down or even stopping all other sites located on the same physical server. Having such a neighbor can be a real problem for you.

VDS has strict limits on the use of memory and processor - in accordance with the selected tariff. On the one hand, the client cannot prevent neighboring virtual machines, but on the other hand, it always has access to the declared resources.

In rare cases, a client virtual machine can overload a hard disk or network. This is usually associated with unfair use of hosting services (spamming, organizing torrent trackers). Such activities may interfere with other customers. Our system automatically finds problem machines and promptly disables them. In this case, we will certainly notify the owner of the virtual machine and the reasons for shutting down the server. The server is turned on, provided that the owner corrects the problem.

If any of the above you may need in the future

It happens that projects grow. Along with the project, system requirements are growing. If any of the listed possibilities may appear in the future, then we advise you to take hosting “with reserve”. So you do not have to move from one platform to another and disrupt the project.

Therefore, we recommend buying hosting on virtual dedicated servers and it is with us. We are cheaper. Sometimes even cheaper than shared virtual hosting from other companies.