What can be run on a VPS

Everything that the customer can install and configure.

When the Virtual Server (VPS) service is opened, the client is provided with full access to the virtual server with administrative rights.

You can install, configure and run any service on it, for example:

  1. VoIP Gateway.
  2. Online game server (Minecraft, Counter-strike, etc.).
  3. Host websites (corporate page, e-commerce solutions)
  4. Making backup of your office computer(s) to VPS.
  5. Deploy your corporate business applications (ERP, accounting, orders processing, etc.)
  6. Create private sync service using BiTorrent Sync.
  7. Host legal torrent seed box.
  8. Encrypt your wireless connections.
  9. Run private web analytics service.
  10. Host project management solution.
  11. Develop and test your code.
  12. Host logging service to capture data from various sources (IoT).
  13. Automate tasks.
  14. Host VPN service.
  15. Download and upload big files using VPS and its fast connection to Internet.
Let your imagination run wild. And if you need assistance - call us.