How much #bandwidth do you need for your #virtualserver?

We often are getting a question:

How many GBs a 10 Mbps connection can deliver per hour/day/month?

Real life answer:

10 Mbps symmetrical dedicated connection will give you about 2 GB/hour, 50 GB/day, 1500 GB/month to download and same amount to upload.

Theoretical maximum answer:

10 Mbps symmetrical dedicated connection in theory can give you 4.5GB/hour, 108 GB/day, 3287.25 GB month (1 month = 365.25 days/12) to download and same amount to upload at 100% utilization.

Remember that it is impossible in real life scenario to keep link utilization at 100% whole month. Usually, it is very difficult to overcome even 70%.

When you’re choosing a broadband connection for your VPS or VDS, the first fundamental choice you’ll make is whether to go for dedicated, capped, burstable or shared internet access. These terms refer to the nature of the connection itself, rather than how it is delivered.

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA): with Dedicated Internet Access, your VPS or VDS is guaranteed to receive the bandwidth you purchased, 100% of the time. If you purchase a 10 Mbps dedicated Internet connection, you will always receive 10 Mbps.

Data Capped Internet Access: to define current bandwidth uses two parameters: how much GB per month you are allowed to get and available bandwidth to use that cap. To check if offer is fair divide monthly GB cap by 150 and check if result is lower than available bandwidth. For example:

  • 1500GB/Month and 5 Mbps connection - 1500/150 = 10 Mbps needed. Offer is not fair and you will struggle to get 1500GB in a month.
  • 10000 GB/month and 100 Mbps connection - 10000/150 = 66.6 Mbps needed. Offer is fair, you will be able to use your cap 100% if needed.

Burstable Internet Access: this is Internet access that is billed by of measuring bandwidth based on peak use. It also allows usage to exceed a specified threshold for brief periods of time without the financial penalty of purchasing a higher Dedicated Internet Access.

Shared Internet Access: certain amount of bandwidth is shared among multiple users. On a shared Internet connection, all bandwidth (10 Mbps, 100 Mbps, etc.) is split among all users.

Connection share ratio: Essentially, contention ratio is the maximum amount of users who may share the Internet connection with you. As per international regulations, the ideal ratio for home users is 50:1 and 20:1 for business users. For VDS and VPS this number should be closer to 1. 1:1 is basically Dedicated Internet Access.

Fair Access Policy: it is a bandwidth limit placed by service provider on some customers in an attempt to provide equal service to all customers in shared Internet access environment.