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What is hosting?

How to choose an ideal hosting

Hosting is a service that allows organizations and individuals to put their own content on the Internet. When it comes to hosting, it actually means Internet hosting, and even more often - web hostings ..... Read more

What is VPS? What is VDS?

Differences between two of most popular virtual servers concept

VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server) or VPS (Virtual Private Server) is the hosting service where user is provided with a virtual server with maximum privileges. VDS or VPS emulates the operation of a real physical server ..... Read more

Types of virtualization: OVZ and KVM

What type of virtualization is better for your project

When choosing a service tariff, a person also chooses a virtualization method for the server. We offer a choice of virtualization at the level of the operating system OpenVZ and hardware virtualization KVM. ..... Read more

Reasons for switching to VDS or VPS

When and why you should switch your project to VDS

The owner of a virtual dedicated server (VDS / VPS) has full administrative access to the system (root access) - configuration files of any services running on the VDS are available to him. On VDS, you can customize the operation of the web server, dns server, mail ..... Read more

Storage system: HDD, SSD and NVMe

Differences between SSD and HDD + SSD storage subsystems for virtual dedicated servers

HDD + SSD Cache Drives
Principle of operation. We use fast SSDs to cache requests for slow, but significantly more capacious and inexpensive HDDs. In this mode, each access to the virtual machine's hard disk is checked for the presence ..... Read more

How to protect against DDoS attacks

What is a DDoS attack?
DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) is a distributed denial of service attack. Network resource fails as a result of multiple (too many) requests sent to it from big number of compromised computers...... Read more